Archives of William Fife & Son

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The Fife yard nestling on the Fairlie foreshore showing its ultimate state of development in the years just ahead of World War I.

Three generations of William Fifes designed and built some of the most beautiful and best performing yachts in the world. Their home village of Fairlie on the Clyde became an international byword for the finest quality in yacht building.  

All around the world the surviving Fife yachts are cherished by their owners. In the same way their designer’s archive is valued and cared for by Scottish Yachting Archives Ltd. The collection has survived with remarkable integrity covering the designs of William Fife III from the late 1880s but also including some important earlier drawings of his and William Fife II.  

Scottish Yachting Archives is proud to have returned this important archive to Scotland and is committed to is ongoing preservation. Enquiries are welcome.